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Aptitude Online Test Preparation

Take an Aptitude Online Test Preparation to get ready for all entrance exams and gain admission to any university based only on merit. The Graduate Aptitude Test (GAT) and the National Aptitude Test (NAT) are administered by the National Testing Service (NTS) in Pakistan. To evaluate the candidates’ abilities and capabilities, an aptitude test is administered. To get ready for the Entry examinations, all applicants are welcome to take any or all of the examinations listed below. There are multiple choice questions on all of these test questions. All of the most important subjects are covered by online multiple-choice questions for aptitude tests. To achieve good grades in any exam, finish all of the tests.

Aptitude Test MCQs with Answers

Here you will find aptitude test questions and answers as well as explanations and solutions for competitive examinations, exams for competitions, government tests, interviews, and other entrance exams. Completely worked-out examples that are easy to understand and contain thorough explanations, drawings, and solutions are appreciated. We offer multiple-choice objective type aptitude online questions and answers. For individuals attempting to get ready for competitive exams, the aptitude component is beneficial.

Free Aptitude Mock test

There are free aptitude practice tests, interview questions and explanations, competitive exams, and entry aptitude tests for both the exam and the interview. Before the next aptitude interview, you can take a variety of aptitude tests and find out how you scored. Take the written Aptitude test as well. Before you attend your next discussion and the Aptitude Written Test, read through more of the basic aptitude questions and find out how much you can score.

Number System
Average and Age
Ratio and Proportion
Profit and Loss
Simple Interest
Compound Interest
Time and Work
Time and Distance
Permutation Combination
Mixture and Alligation
Equations and Inequations
Number Series
Clocks and calendars
Square and Square Roots
Stocks and Share
Surds and indices
Quantitative Aptitude
Logical Reasoning
Numerical Ability
Analytical Skills
Abstract Reasoning
Critical Thinking
Mathematical Aptitude
Series and Sequences
Algebraic Equations
Pattern Recognition
Mental Ability
Quantitative Comparison
Symbolic Operations
Problem Solving and Decision Making
Verbal Analogies
Alphabetical and Numerical Series
Mathematical Operations
Seating Arrangements
Word Problems
Order and Ranking
Averages and Ages
Clocks and Time
Logical Games and Puzzles
Venn Diagrams
Data Arrangement
Input-Output Analysis
Cube and Dice
Critical Reasoning
Problem Solving Techniques
Data Analysis and Graphs
Seating Arrangement
Letter and Number Coding
Logical Games and Riddles
Cause and Effect Reasoning
Direction Sense
Ranking and Order
Calendars and Clocks
Blood Relations


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