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If you are aged 18 – 30, Join Now Youth For Pakistan and drive positive change for young people, make your voices heard and take action, and become a YFP Member. Youth For Pakistan empower the youth of Pakistan with the ability to nurture their communication and leadership skills on a common national platform resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.

Membership Benefits

Following are the benefits of our membership for Members;

  • Funding: Members will get funding under Young Changemakers Grant: This grant scheme supports youth-initiated projects that benefit the Pakistan community and society. It also helps to empower youths as decision-makers to evaluate projects and mentor project applicants.
  • Student Relief Fund is designed to assist enrolled students with a financial emergency in the current term that is impacting their ability to stay on track towards graduation.
  • Networking: YFP will give you the opportunity to network and work with a professional team. You’ll get to meet new people, share your views and opinions with like-minded people, other members across universities in Pakistan, and build your network.
  • Opportunities: Open the door to other professional opportunities through events, workshops/training, or conferences. As well as possible future career opportunities at Youth For Pakistan. Besides the above, the following services are also available for Members;

Youth Leadership Award, Youth Innovation Award, National Youth Talk, National Youth Award, University Challenge, YFP Scholarship, Student Hall of Fame, and Grant for your Project.

Membership Card Benefits

Youth For Pakistan issues Membership cards to its members all around the country. Membership cards will be issued for the term of one year from the date of issue. A small amount of Fees will be charged from members for printing and postage of cards. Only selected services are available for cardholders so that they bring a sense of mutual responsibility to members and the organization. The following benefits are for cardholders.

  • Students Defender: Youth for Pakistan membership will give you a Students Defender membership as well. Students Defender is a platform where students on the campus are protected against the violation of human rights facing bullying, harassment, or intimidation. Students Defender is supported by the two topmost human rights organizations in Pakistan namely Pakistan International Human Rights Organization and Network for Human Rights and Justice. You will be Human Rights Defender on your Campus.
  • Young Pakistan Challenge (Mentorship) If you wish to get connected with the leading programs of Youth For Pakistan at your campus and look for mentoring (Young Pakistan Challenge). At YPC you can fulfill that dream of yours. A perfect opportunity for you, which reflects your position of responsibility, experience, and accomplishments.
  • Know Pakistan Program: Priority selection in Know Pakistan Program, which is a one-week program for Pakistani youth to promote national integration and provide an opportunity to the youth of the country to share their experiences see a beautiful land, historical places, and culture of other parts of the country.
  • Specialist Network: Members will get free membership in Pakistan Youth Club, which serves the people belonging to each class like leaders, professionals, students, doctors, and policymakers at one platform to put forth their views to bring Positive Change in Society.
  • Career Planning Programs: Free entry for YFP cardholders in both events i.e Career Planning Seminar and Career Planning Workshop on all campuses around the country.
  • Youth Power Seminar: Card Holders will get free entry into YPS, which is expert-led seminar series dedicated to current and emerging topics across the country.
  • Young Pakistan Diplomats: Card Holders of YFP accommodate their great ideas, stories, and even their voice to be highlighted and heard in the international world.
  • Grant For Your Project: Youth for Pakistan provides a framework for Pakistan’s best minds to join hands with rural communities, empathize with their struggles and connect with their aspirations.
  • Launch Your Campaign: Youth For Pakistan give you a powerful voice to create a powerful online campaign in just a few minutes. No technical knowledge is needed to start your online campaign. Just fill the form below and send it. We will upload the campaign and your voice will be raised on the national stage and you’ll be ready to start collecting signatures for your campaign right away.
  • Monthly Magazine: Card Holders will receive a monthly “The Campus Times” online magazine, full of stories from members, news, and updates on upcoming events.

Membership Types

Youth for Pakistan invites students from any HEC recognized university across the country to be a part of this initiative thereby benefiting the students through various initiatives of the organization which includes youth challenges, grants, national-level contests, youth awards, exposure visits, youth legal assistance, summit, national festivals, national seminars, scholarships, student-initiated projects, cultural program support, and on-campus ambassador programs in the all-university of Pakistan.

Every campus needs members in order to achieve its service goals. New members provide the campus with fresh ideas, new projects, and additional ways to make a difference in the campus. Following are two types of members in YFP.

1- Campus Board Member

Campus Board Member is anyone out of 13 members of the campus chapter. After applying for membership for Board Member, we will issue ID cards to 13 Board Body Members for one year, and your profile will be made online in the respective university.

To be a successful Campus president, you will need to empower your leadership team – the Campus board of directors. Each board member fills a specific leadership role designed to ensure the successful operation of your Campus providing needed service to the campus members. By understanding the roles and responsibilities of each member of the Campus board, you can help ensure that the skills of the member match the job you are asking them to do. It also ensures that no one officer is burdened beyond their willingness and capability to succeed.

Review the job descriptions for these positions to match the skills and willingness of potential leaders to the appropriate role. Doing so will increase the likelihood that serving as a leader of the Campus will be a positive experience for each member of your team.

  1. Campus President: The Campus president is the chief executive officer of the Campus. He/she presides over meetings and calls the Campus to action to fulfill its program of service works; coordinating the efforts of board members and chairpersons to implement all activities of the Campus.
  2. Campus Vice President: The Campus second vice president also stands ready to be in succession and serves as requested by the Campus President to lead specific committees or projects.
  3. Campus General Secretary: The Campus General Secretary keeps the history of the Campus’s official proceedings, an accurate accounting of the Campus membership roster, and assists in every communication effort to members.
  4. Campus Treasurer: The Campus treasurer serves as the main bookkeeper for both Campus administrative and public funds from service activities. This includes the administration of membership dues invoicing and collection, making deposits, and recording expense receipts. The treasurer prepares, distributes, and retains all financial reports and records.
  5. Coordinator: The Campus coordinator basically coordinates the campus board and all three committees for better campus administration.

2- Campus Ambassadors

Campus Ambassadors are individuals who are like Youth For Pakistan Program recognizes enthusiastic, hardworking, and motivated students by giving them the opportunity to develop knowledge and leadership skills by representing Youth For Pakistan on their university campus.

Become Member

If you wish to be more involved in future exciting events that Youth For Pakistan prepares for national youth then Get Membership Card. When you become an official member of YFP, after getting a Membership Card not only you are joining a family that is 100% committed to the interests of national youth but you are also unlocking a number of exclusive privileges and benefits that come with being a member.

    Personal Information
    Academic Information
    Membership Type
    1. You are applying for Campus Board Member. You will be head of Campus Chapter. Campus President with four others like Vice President, Coordinator, General Secretary and Treasurer are all called Campus Board Members. For information How Campus Chapter works visit
      You will be issued YFP and Students Defender Membership Card for the term of one year. You have to pay a small amount as Rs. 1100/= for issuing membership card (Card printing, postal charges and Brochure).  
    2. Campus Ambassador Program recognizes enthusiastic, hardworking and motivated students by giving them opportunity to develop knowledge and leadership skills by representing Youth For Pakistan on their College campuses.
      You will be issued YFP and Students Defender Membership Card for the term of one year. You have to pay a small amount as Rs. 1100/= for issuing membership card (Card printing, postal charges and Brochure) and issuing Certificate on successful completion of their CAP Program.
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