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Getting Youth For Pakistan membership is the best way if you wish to be more involved in future exciting events that Youth For Pakistan prepares for national youth. When you become an official member of YFP, not only you are joining a family that is 100% committed to the interests of national youth but you are also unlocking a number of exclusive privileges and benefits that come with being a member.

Membership Fees


  • Membership CardThere are No Fees on the registration of members, Campus Board Members, and Campus Ambassadors. Youth For Pakistan is a non-profit organization, supported by individual philanthropists and sponsors, legally We don't earn profit from Membership Fees.
    • If any Member, Campus Board Members, or Campus Ambassador needs Membership Card they have to pay a small amount as Rs. 1100/= for issuing membership card (Card printing plus postal charges+Brochure). Membership Card Benefits
    • Campus Board Member and Campus Ambassador will get membership card (including complimentary gift and certificate) have to pay Rs. 200/= (besides above membership card fees Totaling: Rs.1300/=) for issuing Certificate on successful completion of their Campus Chapter and CAP Program respectively in their Universities, approved from three topmost organization in Pakistan i.e Network for Human Rights and Justice (NHRJ), Pakistan International Human Rights Organization (PIHRO) and Youth for Pakistan.

Note: Saving from membership fees collected from members, only will be used for scholarships for needy students, Student Relief Fund in all campuses around the country. Youth For Pakistan issues Certificates to only Campus Ambassadors. 

Termination of Membership


  • Youth For Pakistan has the right to cancel the membership of any member anytime & terminate from any designation or even cancel the membership of the campus chapter as a whole.
  • Any member who works against the interest, objectives, rules, and reputation of the organization, Youth For Pakistan and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan will be terminated from the organization immediately. Youth For Pakistan’s Disciplinary Action Committee has full power to take such decisions.
  • A member may resign from the membership of the organization any time by a letter addressed to the Head Office and CC to a particular Campus Chapter President.

Membership Benefits/ Types

Membership Benefits

Membership Types