Youth Innovation Award

Innovation no more happens on demand. Innovation has become an integral part of business, product, process, service, and lifestyle. It is believed that innovation is the change that unlocks new value. Innovation can only be nourished by creating environments for ideas to be developed.

Youth Innovation Award was created to encourage and recognize young Pakistani innovators. It provides students aged 16 to 30 a unique way to share their ideas and get the word out to a much larger audience! Interested? Why not tell us about your accomplishments? You could be the next YFP Youth Innovation Award winner.

Why Participate?

A platform for Pakistani young innovators (undergraduate, post-graduate, and Ph.D. Engineering and Computer Science students) for their innovation and great ideas to be heard and acted upon.

A chance to present an innovative idea to a receptive and knowledgeable audience and panel of unbiased judges selected by Youth For Pakistan Board of Directors.

Win a development funding for your idea from Youth For Pakistan. Get International media coverage of your project, visibility on the YFP website, and explore opportunities of internships, mentoring programs, and networking with interaction with universities and companies.

Who Is Eligible?

  • Must be a Pakistani undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. Engineering and Computer Science students and between the ages of 18 and 30.
  • Must have used science and/or technology as the basis for developing creative and innovative ideas aimed at solving real-world problems,
  • Put their ideas into action and as a result, have had a positive impact either in their own community or on a broader scale.


  • All submissions will be reviewed by an independent panel to identify the finalists. The second and final round is a 10-minute presentation directly to the judges. The second round may be conducted via video conference if the student is located outside Karachi.
  • An independent panel of eminent judges will review the presentations. There is no limit to the number of Awards the judges can recommend each year. Past applicants to the awards can also reapply if they are currently studying for their Bachelor’s, Masters or Doctorate degrees. The judging panel is truly independent and committed to finding the best submission, and their decision is final.
  • Candidates are expected to personally attend the presentation if they are selected as winners. All expenses will be paid by Youth For Pakistan.
  • Fill the form expressing interest and describing why you think you should receive the award (maximum 200 words). If you qualify, we’ll be in touch with a link to the online application form.
  • To fill out the application form, you’ll need to provide a short essay describing your work, references, and a two minutes video pitching your project to the judges!

What Are The Prizes?

First Prize
Rs. 50,000 seed funding. National media coverage.

Second Prize
Rs. 45,000 seed funding. National media coverage.

Third Prize
Rs. 40,000 seed funding. National media coverage.

The winners of the Youth Innovation Award will be posted on the YFP website, in order to inspire other youth to think, work and collaborate in new ways.

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