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Searching for a dependable method to create secure passwords? We can assist you with our password generator tool! You can easily generate safe passwords of any length with this Python script. To provide the highest level of protection, it combines capital and lowercase characters, numbers, and punctuation symbols. Just enter the required password length, and the program will create a strong, one-of-a-kind password for you. Make sure your passwords are strong and randomly created to protect your online accounts from hackers.

Random Password Generator Tool

Password strength

The strength of a password refers to its ability to withstand guessing or brute-force attacks. Password strength is typically an estimation of the average number of trials needed to guess the password, though it might vary. The password’s length, complexity, and unpredictable nature all have an impact on this. An example of a weak password might be one that contains a person’s name, birthday, or other personal information that is usually not extremely difficult to figure out.

Appropriate security procedures, in addition to the password itself, are crucial in lowering the likelihood of a security breach. Protections put in place to identify, prevent, or reduce security risks are included in security controls. This includes safeguards like requiring two steps to verify your password or temporarily freezing your account after a certain number of unsuccessful tries.

How to create a secure password

By adhering to specific guidelines intended to strengthen password security, one can create a secure password. This mostly entails creating a strong password, but it also includes additional things like updating your password on a regular basis and avoiding using popular passwords like password, 123456, and qwerty. The following guidelines can be applied to generate a secure password:

  • Include lower-case letter(s) [a-z]
  • Include upper-case letter(s) [A-Z]
  • Include numbers [0-9]
  • Include symbols [!@#$%^&*()…]
  • Exclude words involving the user’s personal information
  • Exclude words found in a password blacklist – there are password blacklists that can be found on the Internet, or it is possible that a company / other institution may have their own password blacklists
  • Exclude company/institution name, as well as abbreviations of the name
  • Exclude passwords that match common formats such as calendar dates, license plate numbers, phone numbers, or other common number formats


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