National Youth Talk

Great leaders are always considered first-class communicators, they have a clear set of values and they always believe in promoting and inculcating those values in others. Some of the greatest leaders of history have also been motivators, able to encourage others to work toward a common goal. This ability to motivate has largely been a result of solid communication skills. It can be said that communication is not merely the exchange of information but is an art that is well-used in the contemporary World to pave the way for inspiration and success.

As Youth for Pakistan perfectly understands this, has been organizing “YFP Youth Talk” to evolve leadership among college students in the form of highly effective and inspiring talks.

This initiative identifies young, powerful communicators who can communicate their thoughts to inspire their peers and the youth community online.


The success of the talk predominantly relies on the quality of the topic chosen. The chosen topic should have the scope for exhibiting your public speaking skills and thereby inspire the audience. The following are some of the suggested topics, which you can consider:

If I ruled the world
Team sports build strong individuals
Laughter is the best medicine
Fools and their money are easily parted
Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder
Children learn what they live with
Poverty is a state of mind
A sense of humor is essential
Manners matter
The media controls how and what we think
Art is essential to life
Cities are for people not cars
Peace is possible
True wisdom comes from experience


If you think you have the ability to change the world with your powerful speech, then apply for National Youth Talk Now! The students who believe that they are equipped with enough public speaking skills and abilities and who have a passion to inspire the next generation through their effective talk can apply.

Contest Process

    Top 80 will be shortlisted through initial screening in each Chapter (based on 3-minute video submitted by contestants through YouTube ).
  2. PROVINCIAL FINALS One Provincial Topper in each Chapter will be identified in National Final at Islamabad. In total, 8 toppers will be identified from 8 Chapters in all over the country.
  3. NATIONAL FINAL 8 Toppers of the all 8 Chapters will compete against each other in the National Final and the winner will be recognized and awarded with a educational tour to Dubai.


What is Youth For Talk?
Youth For Pakistan- National Youth Talk is a speech contest for college and university students to express their ideas, through an inspiring and powerful speech to their peers, thus fostering leadership capabilities among college and university students.

Who can Apply for National Youth Talk?
Youth For Pakistan’s National Youth Talk contest is for students pursuing full-time undergraduate or Master’s degree of any discipline, from any recognized institutions across Pakistan.

What are stages of the contest?
The first level of screening -Online (upload a 3-minute video of their talk in YouTube and send us the link.) The contest will be conducted in 8 regions viz., Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Balochistan, AJK, ICT, FATA and Gilgit-Baltistan. Top 10 will be shortlisted in each region (through online). Top 2 will be shortlisted in regional pre-finals in each region. One Regional Topper in each region will be identified in Regional Finals, and will be eligible to compete in the National Finals. Toppers of the all 8 regions will compete in the National Final and the winner will be awarded National Youth Award..

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