National Photography Competition

About National Photography Competition

Photography is a powerful medium of expression that can be used to communicate strong positive messages about a subject. This open and free photo competition seeks to inspire the creation and dissemination of such positive imagery, which conveys the beauty of Pakistan. 

Youth For Pakistan invites explorers, adventure travelers, professional photographers to submit their photographs in the National Photography Competition for the category "Colors of Pakistan". This competition allows students to appreciate and love nature through imagery and to inspire action to conserve and protect our natural environment/ heritage.


This online National Photography Competition is open to those who are at least 18 years of age at the time of entry. One registration per artist. 

Rules and Regulations 

1) The entries are to be accompanied with a caption not longer than 20 words.
2) There must not be any watermarks, copyright marks, or any text/graphic on the picture.
3) The photo should not have been previously entered in any competition/exhibition
4) Plagiarism should be strictly avoided and such photographs shall be immediately disqualified from the competition.
5) The minimum resolution of the pictures should be 2000 pixels on the shorter side. However, images should not exceed 8 MB in size.
6) Please limit your adjustment to minor changes of cropping, sharpening, and contrast. Avoid significant over or under color saturation. Dodging (to brighten shadows) or burning (to darken highlights) is allowed, but the alterations should enable the photograph to closely resemble what you see. Please avoid any extensive manipulation.
7) By entering the contest, the artist agrees with the rules mentioned above and the decisions of the Selection Committee. Their decision shall be final and is not subject to appeal.


This online competition runs on a monthly basis. Each month competition begins on the first day of the month ends at 11:59 pm on the 25th day of the month, Pakistan time.

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