Campus Ambassador Program

Campus Ambassador Program recognizes enthusiastic, hardworking, and motivated students by giving them the opportunity to develop knowledge and leadership skills by representing Youth For Pakistan on their College campuses.

This Program is an 8 weeks leadership opportunity for students who are dedicated to serving and representing Youth for Pakistan on their campuses and interconnectivity between thousands of Ambassadors across all universities in Pakistan.

If you are a passionate individual with ambitious dreams and would like to work with talented and qualified professionals then this could be the right break for you. We are looking for enthusiastic, motivated, and committed young students to serve as Campus Ambassadors at all universities across Pakistan.

What does this Program Involve?

A Campus Ambassador program is a marketing strategy used by companies or organizations to promote their brand or products on college campuses. The program typically recruits students as brand ambassadors who represent the company on their campus and help spread awareness about their products or services.

The Campus Ambassador program provides students with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in marketing, event planning, and other skills that can be beneficial for their future career. The program may offer training, networking opportunities, and other resources to help the ambassadors succeed.

The responsibilities of a Campus Ambassador may include promoting the company’s products or services on social media, organizing events on campus, distributing marketing materials, and recruiting other students to become brand ambassadors. In return, the ambassadors may receive incentives such as discounts, free products, or other rewards based on their performance.

Campus Ambassador programs can be beneficial for both the company and the students involved. Companies get access to a targeted audience of college students and can generate buzz and brand awareness, while students gain valuable skills and experience that can help them in their future careers.

What would you be doing?

Design and Execute a Marketing Campaign: CAs will represent the Youth For Pakistan on their campus through pitching and implementing marketing campaigns based on their assessment of what works most effectively in their university.
Sharing Posts/Stories: The YFP Ambassador will be sharing Youth For Pakistan (the stories of the students from your campus) posts and content on their social media accounts. Once YFP has content, which is important in nature, then YFP looks forward to ambassadors to share, YFP sends text and email notifications to ambassadors, inviting them to share YFP posts.
Networking: Campus Ambassadors will network and maintain connections with most students on the campus. Got to meet and get connected with new people and friends and aware of YFP and its mission.
Event Promotion: Campus ambassadors will launch a marketing drive on their Campus 15 days before any event organized by YFP in their Campuses like Young Pakistan Challenge or Career Planning Seminar or Workshops.
Blog Writing: Campus Ambassadors will write their views on different topics of their choice and get published their blogs on the YFP website and ultimately share them on your Facebook profile page.
Feedback/Ideas: You will be providing feedback and sharing new ideas from the university’s students with the Youth For Pakistan for proper execution.
Bi-Monthly Report: You will submit a bi-monthly Report to Youth For Pakistan Management for evaluation of your performance and ultimately the selection of one Ambassador for the Best Performance Award.

What Are We Looking For?

  • Pakistani undergraduate or graduate student aged 30 or younger. Understand and support the mission/objectives of the Youth For Pakistan.
  • Well-networked, social media-oriented mind, like Facebook and Twitter. Ability to interact and network with others.
  • Reliable, responsible, flexible, and willing to help & get help. Must be a goal-oriented individual with excellent interpersonal communication skills.
  • Possess a positive attitude and high energy level. Ability to solve problems, take initiative, and manage conflict. Excellent time management skills.
  • Enthusiastic and initiative-taking. Ability to work independently and remotely. Exhibit leadership potential, professional demeanor, and a strong work ethic.

Why Should You Join?

Perfect Spot: A university campus is a perfect place to start building leadership and communication skills which will help you develop leadership skills that will be invaluable in all areas of life.
Network: YFP will give you the opportunity to network and work with a professional team. You’ll get to meet new people, share your views and opinions with like-minded people, other campus ambassadors across universities in Pakistan, and build relationships which will all help down the line when you are looking for a job and opening a business. Ambassadors will get free membership in Pakistan Youth Club, which serves the people belonging to each class like leaders, professionals, students, doctors, and policymakers at one platform to put forth their views to bring Positive Change in Society.
Mentorship: If you wish to get connected with the leading programs of Youth For Pakistan at your campus and look for mentoring (Young Pakistan Challenge), where you can fulfill that dream of yours. A perfect opportunity for you that reflects your position of responsibility, experience, and accomplishments.
Resume: Becoming an Ambassador for YFP will help you to expand your resume. Showing employers that you represented an organization will put forward the impression that you are hardworking and can handle multiple responsibilities.
Opportunities: Open the door to other professional opportunities through events, workshops/training, or conferences. As well as possible future career opportunities at Youth For Pakistan.
Certificate: Get a certificate and letter of recommendation on successful completion of the Ambassador Program dually approved from three topmost organizations in Pakistan i.e Network for Human Rights and Justice, Pakistan International Human Rights Organization, and Youth for Pakistan.
Students Defender: Ambassadors program will give you a Students Defender membership, there you will be human rights defender as well. Students Defender is a platform where students on the campus are protected against the violation of human rights facing bullying, harassment, or intimidation. Students Defender is supported by the two topmost human rights organizations in Pakistan namely Pakistan International Human Rights Organization and Network for Human Rights and Justice.
Career Skills: Learn new skills (like communication, problem-solving, and public speaking) that help you grow — professionally and personally.
Work Experience: Get real-world work experience and work alongside YFP Management team, Youth, peers, and other innovators.
Young Pakistan Diplomats: Ambassadors of YFP accommodate their great ideas, stories, and even their voice to be highlighted and heard in the international world.
Have Fun: Last but not the least, another reason to become an ambassador for YFP is that you’ll have fun, you’ll get to meet new people, attend events, get merchandise, and participate in activities that will help you make the most out of your university experience.

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