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Study Hacks All Students Should Know

Study Hacks All Students Should Know Suppose it is the last day before board exams: You can’t seem to focus, chemistry equations feel like a dreadful chore, math numerals make no sense and you’re ready to call it a day. Sound familiar? Don’t worry we have for you simple, highly effective yet fun study hacks that can help students of Matric and Inter integrate better learning techniques with ideal concept grasping capability.

In short, these hacks will allow you to study like you’re learning something for joy in no time. No more sleepless nights and hectic study schedules for last-minute preparations. Let’s start:

1. The “chunking” Theory:
Students often face information overload while frantically attempting to store facts, figures, and concepts in one go. This distraught way of learning often causes more harm than benefit which is why the chunking theory can do wonders. The theory functions around learning related ideas, models, and specifics in small chunks.

Our minds are colorful mysteries that create long-term memories with the help of short-term ones while following common patterns. This means that students are more likely to remember a string of pointers in a list rather than the same content in a paragraph. Similarly, people remember facts and numbers when they can relate to the material which insinuates you should group information together based on their characteristics or similarly in ideas. This theory (proven by research) will boost your information-grabbing ability in the long run as well.

2. Draw diagrams/tables:
There is nothing better than sprinkling a bit of creativity and character to a boring topic. Why? Because it’s easy to forget information when we are merely memorizing tedious concepts. Taking the same information and drawing a diagram or table can trick your brain into remembering by embedding a visual picture to the topic. This imprint will empower students to use this visual memory during challenging exams.

3. Become a Flashcard Pro:
Flashcards will become your go-to solution once you try this vibrant hack. For example, you can’t find it in your memory to stockpile buckets of information all at once then these flashcards will help test and motivate your brain with continuous information retrieval.

When using these cards students can incorporate intermission between studying for the same material. The constant recalling of various titbits increases the chances of recalling facts naturally. Another valuable hack involves using colorful flashcards that attract the eye to its content in one glance.

4. Conquering the Forgetting Curve:
There is a reason teachers around the world advise students to always revise after learning something. Our minds are prone to the forgetting curve which can trick the brightest of minds. In the end, the brain takes on stacks of information every single day and has to decide which of this is significant enough to hold on to. Students are more likely to remember an hour-long lecture they revise on the same day rather than revisiting it after weeks.

Students forget concepts easily and during exams, it can be frustrating to learn everything from scratch. So next time make sure to read the textbook before lectures, note down relevant points, and revise them at home. By following these study hacks you won’t need to put in 50% of the efforts during actual exams.

5. Study hacks through exercise:
This one is the unrated star that can do your study routine a fresh 180° anytime. Numerous studies have depicted that exercising for approximately 20 minutes before sitting down to learn can help improve memory and reliable brain activity. That’s because, with excess movement, blood flows faster into the brain which relates to how well one retains information. Students will notice superior concentration competence which will equip them to swallow facts and concepts faster and in a long-lasting capacity. You can also use this hack by taking a small walk before attempting a paper.

6. A grand study session before sleeping:
You might have been told that studying brightly in the morning is a great memorizing method. In contrast, new studies show that going through the syllabus before a good night’s sleep is more useful than storing information in the morning with a whole day ahead. Students tend to recollect unrelated facts better if they revise them before going to sleep.

7. No more long study sessions:
During exams students continuously study in long boring routines. While there is nothing wrong with a few hectic sessions, on a regular basis it’s the perfect recipe for a mushed-up mind. That is why it’s advised to take short breaks as the mind can’t focus on a singular lackluster topic for too long. For example, when you hear a sound repeatedly it becomes normalcy which with time turns into background noise. While preparing for crucial exams, study in intervals, take a rest, regenerate and start again.

With board exams around the corner students of Matric and Inter are fighting tooth and nail to secure exceptional marks. These simple hacks can make any subject relatable and easy to reciprocate. Moreover, coronavirus has greatly influenced dependable study solutions which is why the study hacks are a must-have to achieve your academic goals. Start today!


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