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Students Online Competitions is the platform which bring together innovative minds. Creative and innovative minds meeting together to achieve a common goal.

Education is the key to success. It is the foundation of our goals and ambitions. Education has also spread widely in the modern generation. It has different techniques to provide knowledge and education to our students. Nowadays the most common term that come into the form of success is Online Competitions. It plays a significant role in the cultivation process of education, knowledge & Success. Holistic development of the students in all the domains i.e., cognitive domain, affective domain, and the psychomotor domain is the responsibility of the education system at colleges and universities.

Today’s education system consists of scholastic and co-scholastic programs. To analyze and evaluate the performance and learning of the students several scholastic and co-scholastic techniques are used, competitions are one such unique tool to test the learning on the part of school students. Competitions are certain techniques that innovate the skills of students. It is an effective tool that teaches the power of student’s capacity.

Students Online Competitions participants gain a unique opportunity to advance their professional growth and build the experience and confidence they need to drive development in their own local communities. We are providing you a golden chance to show your talent, be a part of this transformative and dynamic change. Lead the change; be the change.

There are many competitions that are happening around the world and they are looking for someone exactly like you to unlock your potential. We love student contests and competitions because they can provide an authentic learning purpose. In other words, they can connect students’ interests to the real world. We’ve pulled together a list of amazing contests to engage every kind of student.

Eligibility Criteria

Each Competition is open to those who are at least 18 years of age at the time of entry, so only one registration per artist.


This online competition runs on a monthly basis. Each month competition begins on the first day of the month, ends at 11:59 pm on the 25th day of the month, Pakistan time.

Competitions Categories

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