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Secret Ways to Increase Your Intelligence

Secret Ways to Increase Your Intelligence: Your intellectual intelligence was measured when the IQ test was created. Even though the intelligence is not solely determined by IQ, it is a frequent metric used to assess a person’s potential and identify some intellectual disorders. The ways to raise your IQ are broken down in this article.

What does IQ stand for?

A person’s IQ, or intelligence quotient, is a measurement of their mental capacity and how it stacks up against their peers. In the early 1900s, a French psychologist by the name of Alfred Binet popularised this measurement.

Standardized tests are used to determine a person’s IQ level, and they are given by licensed psychologists and, in certain cases, those with graduate-level mental health expertise. It is feasible to compare each test taker’s score to the other scores when a large number of people participate in the test.

Does intelligence depend on your IQ score?

Your IQ level assesses your capacity for abstract thought as well as memory, quantitative analysis, and spatial imagery. These aren’t the only indicators of intelligence, though they can be significant ones. Additionally, cognitive intelligence is not the only factor that determines a person’s intellect or level of achievement in life.

For instance, studies indicate that IQ testing might not accurately reflect inventiveness. They don’t assess critical thinking or emotional intelligence either. All of these variables have the potential to have a big impact on a person’s success in life.

Regardless of one’s IQ score, a number of biological, social, and environmental factors can affect how that person’s life turns out and how they may do on an IQ test at any given time. The individual’s health, genetic background, social or economic standing, access to education, and other factors are included.

Secret Ways to Increase Your Intelligence


Regular exercise maintains cognitive function by enhancing mental clarity. The Huffington Post reports that scientists used neuroimaging to show how physical activity affects the brain. Exercise increases oxygen intake, hormone release, and neurotransmitter activity while balancing metabolic processes that affect brain function. Stretching and cardiovascular exercise should be incorporated into your daily plan to jumpstart your body and enhance your intelligence.


Make organic meat and veggies the foundation of your diet to provide your brain with natural energy. Try Tony Robbins’ 10-Day Energy Challenge to get a head start on learning how to boost intelligence. You’ll change your nutrition, energy level, and outlook in just 10 days. It’s one of the best advices on how to get wiser inside.


Omega-3-rich healthy fats are good for the heart and brain and improve general cognitive function. Instead of consuming extra fat in your diet, try taking omega-3 supplements.


People that know how to get smarter frequently practise similar daily habits, such as drinking something healthful and caffeine-free in the morning. With good reason, the former president Obama began each day with a cup of green tea. It is a useful tool for raising emotional IQ because of its potent antioxidant capabilities, which also stimulate metabolism, improve working memory, and guard against free radicals.


Get some sleep if you want to discover how to become smarter. There is ample research on the connections between sleep, stress, and diseases like hypertension. Additionally, studies have demonstrated that sleep enhances declarative memory as well as procedural memory (motor abilities) (the ability to recall facts and information). Working (short-term) memory might suffer even after a slight sleep deficit. Each person needs a different amount of sleep, although it is typically at least seven hours.


High-performance vitamins were developed by Tony Robbins to aid in boosting intelligence. Try Energy Now, a pre-workout supplement created to boost mental clarity and motivate exercise, or NeuroBoost-B12TM, a berry-flavored B12 lozenge created to enhance concentration, mental clarity, and brain function.


In the end, understanding your mentality is the key to learning how to improve intellect. Although it takes work, mastering cognitive control is the first step toward improving your mental agility. You can control your mind using a variety of tools. Set your objective for the day using the power of priming to avoid being sidetracked by problems that come. You can think and plan more clearly by concentrating your body and mind. You can examine your own thoughts as you gain insight and identify any limiting ideas that are preventing you from moving forward.


It’s challenging to concentrate and think clearly when you’re sidetracked or lost in contemplation. To develop intelligence, you must learn to be aware of the present moment. To calm and clarify the mind, mindfulness meditation is practised all over the world. The effects of meditation on neurodegenerative illnesses are supported by research from the National Institutes of Health. The study looked at how meditation affected participants with neurodegenerative disorders’ memory and overall executive performance. Overall, it was discovered that meditation improved verbal fluency, memory, attention, and cognitive flexibility. The advantages were so strong that researchers suggested meditation as a possible pharmaceutical treatment substitute for some older patients hoping to delay cognitive ageing. Even a short daily meditation session might lead to a daily meditation practise.


Knowing how to develop intelligence requires maintaining a keen and active mind. Games and puzzles that really make you think, like crossword puzzles or word games, can be a great way to exercise your mind. In one study, young adults participated in cognitive testing while playing video games. Playing mentally demanding games improved working memory and sped up mental processing, two factors that influence IQ in general. Another enjoyable technique to raise intelligence is to learn to play an instrument. Memory, pattern recognition, coordination, and hearing are just a few of the brain functions that are involved in this ability. Your brainpower will increase as new neural pathways are formed.


You don’t need to be able to play an instrument to enjoy the benefits of music’s ability to expand your mind and start to unlock the secrets of how to grow smarter. Due to its strong ties to emotion and experiences, music has been found in numerous studies to enhance memory. You might possibly become smarter by listening to “binaural rhythms,” a particular genre of music. A style of music known as binaural beats plays a different tone in each ear. This new technique of “working out” your brain could help with sleep, memory recall, and long-term memory.


Ball State University researchers looked into how journaling affected athletes’ cognitive abilities. The addition of journaling to the students’ athletic training curriculum improved their capacity for critical thought, concentrated argumentation, in-depth reflection, and emotional expression. Since it allowed them to consider different possibilities for tackling daily activities, journaling also helped students bridge the gap between the classroom and clinical settings.


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