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Ideas that Revolutionized The World

Ideas that Revolutionized The World: Let’s think about 100 years ago, there was no mobile phones, technology, computers, social media, internet, robots, camera, etc. And just think now. You have now Smartphones capable of everything, Google which has made the information accessible to everyone, Artificial Intelligence where machines take decisions, autonomous cars, social media which has made this world a global village, Google maps where you can see the whole world in just your hand, robots like Sofia which can communicate like a human being, and never-ending list. The world has much changed the way it was before. It is no doubt the coming 40 50 years will be completely changed and there will be new technology new era new inventions. To explore more and know more about I am going to write ideas that revolutionized the world. Stay connected and let me know your opinion in the comment section below.


A group of 5 friends thought about the idea of connecting people, family, friends together. No one at that time was aware there will be a time when people will be connected to each other while not in one place. A young undergraduate Mark Zuckerburg and his friends develop a website Facebook for connecting people online. After the development of Facebook, it just exploded everywhere. Now everyone has a Facebook account, people are connected to each other from different parts of the world. Social media is now has become the top media source, you can get every news there, check celebrity pictures, study groups, play online games, and so on. After the development of Social media, Other Apps were also developed like WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


Can you imagine now if you don’t have a Google search engine? How will you search the best places to visit around the world, How you will search for some topic, search for a movie, searching for any information. Google’s mission is to “To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. And we can say they have achieved their mission. Now you can find the answer to any question, search for any topic and you will get the relevant answer. Reading interesting articles, searching for Top 10 Cities to travel in the world. Google can recommend and give you an answer to any question. I am not talking just about Google search Engine but also Google maps, which allows you to see any part, city, country of the world at home on your mobile phone. Gmail is used for professional purposes for marketing, sending important messages. Google drive now you can store your files on a Global server and can access it from anywhere. We can say Google has revolutionized the world.

Artificial Intelligence

No one has ever thought that there will be machines that will take decisions. that will predict it will be rain tomorrow or not, there will be no driver and car will drive itself, Robots will replace human in some companies like Amazon, Tesla, there will be a Robot like Human. All this is possible due to Artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is the system of making intelligent machines that can work and think like humans. No such machines have been developed so far that could think like human because the thinking aspect of everything is different. Well, Machines can think in their own way. It is predicted by scientists after a few years Machines will completely take the jobs of humans.

Summing Up

So guys these were few ideas which completely revolutionized the world. There are other ideas as well but I have discussed few of them. I hope you found this article interesting and helpful. Thanks for reading this article. I will see you in next article. Stay connected.


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