How Chapter Works

A campus chapter is a group of students who are passionate about helping people build better lives for themselves, and are ready to take the next step to lead the charge at their campus to help fulfill the Youth for Pakistan mission. The idea behind the Campus Chapters is on the lines of building a community of students and youth across all universities and giving them a common platform, which can connect all these chapters. Each campus chapter has a dedicated page on our website to allow different Campus Chapters to connect.

Why Campus Chapters?


Campus chapter is a building block of Youth For Pakistan to work for students in all universities in Pakistan. This is a virtual setup. (we don't work in university surroundings unless for events and different activities formal permission is not received from university administration).

Youth For Pakistan was receiving thousands of applications for membership on monthly basis. It was a cumbersome task for the YFP team to manage this huge number of members and fulfill their needs. After a detailed discussion in a YFP Board of Directors meeting, a Campus Chapter idea emerged. Campus Chapter is commonplace for all students in a particular university headed by a 13 body Campus Board. Campus Board is responsible for managing events, membership, requesting different services from YFP like career planning seminars, workshops,  events, etc. In this way, each university has its own campus structure in which they can connect with other Campus Chapters, share resources and get to know about fellow students, connect and collaborate with them.

Campus Chapters Benefits


  • Perfect Spot: A university campus is a perfect place to start building leadership and communication skills which will help you develop leadership skills that will be invaluable in all areas of life.
  • Largest Youth Network: Joining the nation's biggest and leading youth organizations, joining a team of students, youth, well-connected and hard-working professionals who are all committed to one main goal: Empower youth and develop communication and leadership skills in them and making a positive change in their community, through their interaction and social relations.
  • Membership Cards: Campus Board Body will be provided Youth For Pakistan Membership Cards, these ID cards will be valid for one year only. (A Campus Chapter is only valid for a period of 1 year after which it needs to be renewed)
  • Scholarship: Campus Board can nominate one deserving student annually for a Scholarship from Youth For Pakistan. (The availability of scholarship depend on the fund's availability at YFP at that time)
  • Award: Campus Board can nominate one student/youth for Youth Leadership Award. (The availability of YLA depend on the fund's availability at Youth For Pakistan at that time)
  • Mentorship: Campus Board can nominate the most distinguished individuals for the Young Pakistan Challenge (A project of YFP) as Mentors and Delegates for the Young Pakistan Challenge program.
  • Financial Help: Campus Board can ask for financial help from Youth For Pakistan, maximum Rs. 50, 000/annually, for an event, Career Planning Seminar, Career Planning workshop, fresher party, cultural program, etc which have reaching effects on students and Youth, when the Campus Board reaches the minimum threshold of 250 members in particular Campus. (Template for funding will be provided on request). Free Eyes Test (when a campus reached minimum threshold), Cultural Days Support in Campuses (If Requested from Campus Board), Fresher Party for New Batch in Campus, Different Celebration in Campuses.
  • Upload Your Pictures: Campus Board can send their meetings, events, and activity photos/ Videos to YFP, and Youth For Pakistan will publish them on their Campus Chapter's Photos section. (The success of an event is judged by the number of people who participated and enjoyed taking part in it. Now, before the event, the core committee members have to make sure that the event will be properly promoted and publicized within the campus and on Social Media and after the event, its photos will be published on the YFP website).
  • Human Rights Defender: Campus Chapters can send students complaints about harassment, facing bullying, intimidation, or violation of their fundamental rights to YFP or Students Defender. Students Defender (A Project of YFP) will provide necessary legal assistance (free of cost) and YFP may lunch a full-fledged campaign around the country if the need arises.
  • Publish Your Views/Opinions: Campus Board Members can write their view on different topics of their choice and get published their blogs/posts on the YFP website and ultimately will be shared on the YFP Facebook page. Submit Your Blog here.
  • Networking: Forming and running a new Campus Chapter in your university, find influential friends and contacts which will enrich your educational and social life. Meet with new great friends in different campus chapters in all the universities of Pakistan. Connect and collaborate with them for your educational purposes.
  • Leadership Opportunity: Arrange contests, competitions, challenges, awards, career planning seminars/workshops for your campus, participate in university challenges,s and get your campus chapter to be acknowledged at the national level in its performance and service to the students.
  • Resume: Becoming a Campus Boars Member for YFP will help you to expand your resume. Showing employers that you represented an organization will put forward the impression that you are hardworking and can handle multiple responsibilities.
  • Opportunities: Open the door to other professional opportunities through events, workshops/training, or conferences. As well as possible future career opportunities at Youth For Pakistan.
  • Certificate: Get a certificate and letter of recommendation on successful completion of the Chapter in your university for a year dually approved from three topmost organizations in Pakistan i.e Network for Human Rights and Justice, Pakistan International Human Rights Organization, and Youth for Pakistan.
  • Career Skills: Learn new skills (like communication, leadership, and public speaking) that help you grow — professionally and personally.
  • Work Experience: Get real-world work experience and work alongside the YFP Management team, Youth, peers, and other innovators. 
  • Have Fun: Last but not the least, another reason to become a Campus Board member for YFP is that you’ll have fun, you’ll get to meet new people, attend events, and participate in activities that will help you make the most out of your university experience.

Campus Chapter Resources