Campus Chapters

A campus chapter is a group of students who are passionate about helping people build better lives for themselves, and are ready to take the next step to lead the charge at their campus to help fulfill the Youth for Pakistan mission. The idea behind the Campus Chapters is on the lines of building a community of youth across all universities and giving them a common platform that can connect all these chapters. Each campus chapter has a dedicated page to allow different Campus Chapters to connect.

Youth for Pakistan offers unique and enriching programs and services for a comprehensive experience for the youth of the country. If you are a Graduate / Master (On or Off-Campus) from any one of the HEC recognized universities, age between 18-30 years, then this program is for you.

Campus Chapter Structure
Youth for Pakistan work for Students of Universities where it creates a Campus Chapter in each University. It is not member-specific but Campus Specific Membership System. Youth for Pakistan creates a Chapter under each university in Pakistan so that all the students of the University be benefited.