Youth of the Month

Youth For Pakistan’s Youth of the Month program provides YFP members with the opportunity to honor outstanding students in their community who have exhibited excellence in academics and leadership. The Youth of the Month honor is earned by one member each month in recognition of their strong leadership, good character, and commitment to community. It also promotes good citizenship, a desire for greater scholastic achievement, and the development of well-rounded personalities to other young adults in the community.

Criteria/ Guideline

Youth of the Month is nominated by the Campus Chapter Board only from each university. An individual request for this award is not accepted. Each month, two Youth of the Month are selected from all of the members across all campus chapters in all universities in Pakistan.

Campus Board (Campus Chapter of 13 members) can choose anyone who has demonstrated the following qualities in any youth for consideration of Youth of the Month. 

  • Displays excellent character.
  • Outstanding behavior.
  • Positive attitude towards others/learning.
  • Good citizenship throughout the year.
  • Demonstrates responsibility.
  • Respectful to peers/teachers.
  • Follows classroom/school rules and expectations.
  • Strong academic progress (GPA above 3.5 out of 4).

Note: Campus Chapter Board can also nominate anyone from their 13 member body for Youth of the Month, approved by at least 3 members of the board.