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Valuable Tips for Improving Your Vocabulary

Valuable Tips for Improving Your Vocabulary: Have you ever wondered what precise anecdote can make examiners favor your answer over hundreds of other candidates? No, it’s not the facts, figures, or dates that will set you apart; it’s the influence of a versatile and decent vocabulary that can paint an impressive picture on the answer sheet for even the most monotonous of topics. Students of Matric and Inter are recommended to learn new words to improve their word power and one of the best ways is through the passage of modern technology.

Gone are the days when books were the only medium of learning as students can now explore various online platforms within seconds. To guide you to the right path we have valuable tips that can enhance your language skills with the help of technology.

Familiarity with the root language:

To successfully interpret content students must first understand and reciprocate the actual words that make up a sentence. Did you know more than half of the English language is inspired by the Latin and Greek languages? This doesn’t mean you have to fully memorize them, rather you can grab subtle clues by reading various sources that will inevitably boost your cognitive skills.

It doesn’t have to be a tiresome task as in reality understanding where the words actually originate and how their pronunciation change with time is an interesting process. For example, Mea culpa in Latin means my fault which is further derived from the commonly used word “culprit”.Learn from vocabulary games:

Who says you can’t mix games with the rich and evergreen English language? Yes if you are having difficulty in pursuing traditional means of absorbing new words try this fun method for a change that’s available on the internet for free. Not to mention vocabulary games will introduce you to the colorful world of wordplay with the aid of crossword puzzles and word scrambles. Moreover, the games come with time constraints for creating unlimited word combinations. Furthermore, students can find test preparation puzzles and simpleton activities that naturally regenerate better text creating ability.

Healthy Reading habits:

Generation Z nowadays has developed an unfortunate habit of viewing social media content rather than reading. To conquer communication gaps, reading has proven repeatedly to be the best tool for link building and context understanding. Furthermore, students can start off with a few choice novels with gradual migration towards newspaper articles which are an excellent source of words supply.

Rehearse Word Links:

This simple hack will do your memory networking a U-turn towards better vocabulary in no time. What do we mean by rehearsal via word links? The English language is a vast domain with numerous words that may depict the same meaning. Suppose you learn the word ‘acquiescent’ which means ready to accept something without protest. Now think of similar words that can be used in their place which can be docile, complaisant, controllable, etc. Likewise forming these memory patterns will with time help recharge your memory and allow you to recall words easily.

Some additional vocabulary tips:

  • Use the dictionary and thesaurus
  • Learn to incorporate colorful flashcards for useful memory triggers
  • Practice using fresh words in day to day conversation
  • Find a friend who is interesting in improving their vocabulary and exchange new words regularly
  • Lastly, write down words you think you might forget and revise them continuously


In our fast-paced world words have unlimited power which can be used to create bright futures for enthusiastic students. Students often struggle to improve their vocabulary as new words go in from one end and disappear without impact from the other. Now with these useful and uniquely convenient tips, you can showcase an impressive vocabulary in this year’s board exams.


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