Schedule of Young Pakistan Challenge 2021

Pakistan is among the countries with the largest youth populations in the world. Youth comprise around 63% of the country’s population, meaning three out of every five Pakistanis fall in the youth category, while 15 percent of the youth are unemployed. 

Young Pakistan Challenge is a transformational event that gathers the top young minds from across the country to innovate, connect and challenge themselves where you energize your leadership growth, empower your creative vision. This tribe comprises people who want to take action to turn their passion into a successful career. We are dedicated to providing multiple services through our nine core components. These services will enrich the student’s experiences during the program enhance future opportunities for them to succeed as productive citizens. We encourage positive change in Pakistani Youth.

Schedule of Young Pakistan Challenge 2021

YFP is carefully monitoring the evolving COVID-19 pandemic in Pakistan and adjusting plans as needed to do our part to help mitigate its impact and keep people safe. The following is a list of events that have been cancelled or postponed from 5th Sep to Sep 30.
Event LocationSchedule Date
Sindh University Laar Campus BadinPostponed
Sindh University Campus Larkana05/10/2021
Marvi College Badin26/10/2021
International Islamic University23/11/2021
Shah Abdul Latif University09/11/2021
UMT Lahore07/12/2021
Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Nawabshah28/12/2021

2 Comments to “ Schedule of Young Pakistan Challenge 2021”

  1. Maira Amjad says :

    Why our university is not included in this event. I belong to UOK.

    1. Youth For Pakistan says :

      Inshallah in 2022, we will arrange a series of events at Karachi University.

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