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We believe that youth have strong and compelling stories to share about the connections between the youth and society. A story that is just as unique and amazing as you are. That’s why we want to hear it. Therefore, Youth For Pakistan is calling on young people from all over the country to submit their stories, we believe your unique perspective can inspire other youth and it can also help youth better understand what they need in communities that are impacted by changing environments and economies.Our goal is to elevate the voices of youth, amplify them across media, and build the potential of young people .We want to know what you endured, and more importantly – how you overcame the obstacles you faced to get to where you are today.

Ready to share your story?

Pakistan Young Diplomats provide you a platform to post Your OpinionsYouth Stories, and Youth Voices. This platform is aimed to address the needs of emerging young leaders of age 16-35 years and having deep interest and background in Social Sciences,  Foreign Relations, National Issues, Conflict, Development, and Diplomatic Studies. The concept is to prepare the Next Generation of Diplomats and Policy Makers.