Publiations and Forms

Whether you’re promoting your Campus service project or overseeing Campus activities, the following resources are available to help you manage your Campus.

Campus forms and publications, including brochures, flyers, manuals, guides and more, can be downloaded directly from the website for your convenience. Most publications and forms are in Adobe PDF format and will be provided on demand to relevant persons.


Organization Operating Procedure & Human Resource Policy (Organization)
Financial Management Policy (Organization)
Code of Ethics Policy (Members + Campus Chapter)
Disciplinary Action Policy (Campus Chapter)
Grievance Action Policy (Campus Chapter)
Sexual Harassment Policy (Organization + Campus Chapter)
Conflict of Interest Policy (Campus Chapter)
Gender Policy (Campus Chapter)
Performance Evaluation Policy (Campus Chapter)
Personnel Policy (Organization)
Procurement Policy (Organization)
Recruitment Policy (Organization)
Social Welfare Policy (Organization)
Whistleblower Policy (Organization)
Information Disclosure Policy (Organization)
Monitoring & Evaluation Policy (Organization + Campus Chapter)


Administrative Bylaws (Campus Chapter)

Annual Reports

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