Law Admission Test Preparation 2022

We have designed a simplified yet effective Law Admission Test Preparation Manual 2022 to prepare well and give your best shot!. Pursuing law is a matter of professional pride! But for that, it is crucial for you to first secure good marks in the Law Admission Test. 

Manual Outline

a detailed and comprehensive LAT Manual for your preparation has been designed.

LAT Manual Contents:

  • Provided an Ultimate Guide for LAT,  a complete Book from Youth For Pakistan with more than 650 pages, covering 25 Personal Statements, 50 Essays, and more than 10000 MCQs on all Subjects, including all solved papers.
  • Revised Notes and Guess Paper for 2022 and daily Online Mock Test on HEC Pattern.
  • Personal assistance, and guidance on WhatsApp 24/7 for all subjects.
    • English
    • Essay Writing + Sample Essay
    • Personal Statement + Sample Statements
    • Grammar (Tenses) + Notes + Online Quiz
    • Active and Passive Voice + Notes + Online Quiz
    • Direct and Indirect Speech + Notes + Online Quiz
    • Synonyms and Antonyms + Notes + Online Quiz
    • Preposition + Notes + Online Quiz Test
    • Online Mock Test With Discussion
    • Islamic Studies
    • Fundamental of Islam + Notes + Online Quiz
    • Islamic Studies I
    • Islamic Studies II + Notes + Online Quiz
    • Online Mock Test With Discussion 
    • Pakistan Affairs
    • Pakistan Affairs I 
    • Pakistan Affairs II + Notes + Online Quiz
    • Online Mock Test With Discussion
    • General Knowledge
    • General Knowledge I
    • General Knowledge II + Notes + Online Quiz
    • Online Mock Test With Discussion
    • Math
    • Basic Maths I
    • Basic Maths II + Notes + Online Quiz
    • Online Mock Test With Discussion
    • Urdu
    • Urdu I
    • Urdu II + Notes + Online Quiz
    • Online Mock Test With Discussion
    • Last 5 Years Past Papers I

Full LAT Manual Fees: For this session, the admission fee for the whole session is only PKR 1,500 and this is 50% off.

Note: There are only 200 seats. Admissions will be on a come-first, get-first basis. You need to make sure that you get your seat booked as soon as possible.

Why this course

LAT Test has been made compulsory by the Supreme Court and Pakistan bar council. Therefore HEC introduces the Lat test as an entrance test for admission in law universities and colleges.

This test is of 100 marks which consist of 75 Marks of objective Paper and 25 are specified for the Subjective portion.

Students are tested at the basic level. Simple Questions of English, Maths, Urdu, Pakistan Studies, Islamiat, General knowledge are asked in the test along with Personal statements and Essays.

We are offering an online course through which students will prepare all subjects through Video lectures, Notes, and test series, Conducted online.

Our objective is to make it simple and easier for every law aspirant to prepare for this test at home and secure maximum to attain admission in the best law institutions of Pakistan.

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