Learning To Lead

This is first level leadership skill development course for creating thorough understanding about leadership concepts, styles, and impact of leadership on organizational performance.

Learn to Lead is a comprehensive course, designed to deliver the concept of how leadership can be achieved through discipline, hard work and a commitment to improvement through experience. These key components exactly resonates with the idea of the course as the subject matter will give you a learning experience about who the leaders actually are and how can you be one of them

Ideal For:


Young Professionals, Business Persons, Social Activist, Job Seekers, Young Graduates, Teachers & Managers, Young and New Entrants, Entrepreneurs.

Learning Methodology:


  • Presentation
  • Role Plays
  • Application Activities
  • Brainstorming
  • Skill Building Exercises
Main Contents Include:


  • Who are Leaders
  • Born and Made Leaders
  • Your Personality Type
  • Identifying inborn Leadership capabilities
  • Understanding Others’ Personality
  • Difference in Bossing & Leading
  • Perception and Definition
  • Why Leadership for You
  • Building Bricks for Leadership Empire
  • Practicing Leadership with Peace
  • Self Motivation for Leaders
  • Applying Leadership in Your Own Profession
Group Size For This Course


  • Minimum: 15 Participants
  • Maximum: 25 Participants
Course Duration


The duration of this Learning To Lead course is 1 full day from 10 a.m to 4 p.m


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