Leadership for Youth

Youth development is a process that prepares young people to navigate adolescence and realize their potential as an adult. An important aspect of youth development is leadership programming.

Youth Leadership programs formed to serve the unique need of focusing youth energies on positive activities, leading to increased self-efficacy and the development of skills relevant to success in adulthood and the workplace such as decision-making and working well with others.

Ideal For:


Young professionals, business persons, social activist, job seekers, young graduates, teachers & managers

Learning Methodology:


  • Presentation
  • Role Plays
  • Application Activities
  • Brainstorming
  • Skill Building Exercises
Main Contents Include:


  • Who are Leaders?
  • Difference between a boss and a leader
  • Exploring your own leadership potential
  • Identifying your core leadership skills
  • Developing personal leadership skills
  • Right Habits required for leadership
  • Essential Skills for Leadership
  • Designing your own leadership working model
  • How to keep track of your leadership development
Group Size For This Course


  • Minimum: 15 Participants
  • Maximum: 25 Participants
Course Duration


The duration of this Leadership For Youth training course is 1 full day from 10 a.m to 4 p.m


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