Online Azan Competition

ELIGIBILITY: This Adhan (Azan) competition is open to those who are at least 18 years of age at the time of entry. One registration per artist. 

1) The time duration for each participant will be maximum 3 minutes. The repetition of verses will not be allowed.
2) The video recordings posted to the Whatsapp group will be judge by a jury panel and the best three participants will be duly selected. Kindly note that judges will not respond to any query on the group, it is only for participants to post their video recordings. Mention your full name while sending videos on WhatsApp.
3) WhatsApp group link will be provided to registered members as soon as we receive their registration.
4) Your video should be recorded in a quite environment with minimum noise. Your video should be in Landscape position and recorded in a good quality resolution. Audio Azan will not be considered. Your Video should be in MP4 format only
5) By entering the contest, the artist agrees with the rules mentioned above and the decisions of the Selection Committee. Their decision shall be final and is not subject to appeal. 

DEADLINES: This online competition runs on monthly basis. Each monthly competition begins on the first day of the month ends at 11:59 pm the last day of the month, Pakistan time.

    Online Azan Competition Registration
    1. Online Azan Competition
    2. Please send your Azan Competition Video on these WhatsApp Numbers 1) +923353306600, 2) +923219409076 as well.

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