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Next Generation Innovators Leaders

Next Generation Innovators & Leaders is the platform to empower, train, and educate disadvantaged youth by giving them access to resources that help them develop their skills, improve their livelihoods, and ultimately shape their own future. Through innovation, technology and an entrepreneurial mindset, we aim to create a generation of young leaders and innovators.

The world is on the brink of a 4th industrial revolution and it is essential that the youth are equipped with 21st century skills to thrive and become successful in the future. More and more, the demand for skills such as analytical thinking, innovation, active learning, and creativity will continue to grow along with an increasing demand for various forms of technological competency. Currently, these skills are not within the reach of marginalized youth in Pakistan. NGIL is a program that leverages the resources available in the digital and knowledge economies to provide learning and work opportunities for youth in the country.

NGIL participants gain a unique opportunity to advance their professional growth and build the experience and confidence they need to drive development in their own local communities. It is providing you a golden chance to show your talent, be the part of this transformative and dynamic change. Lead the change; be the change. NGIL is the umbrella program to many workshops, events, trainings, competitions and seminars.

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