Young Changemakers Grant

Have a cool idea that can contribute to the community? Are you surrounded by young people who have lots of great ideas for their community, but have yet to take any action to implement them? Do you know people who have a passion to do something that will make a difference to their local community? Sometimes, you just wish you had the funds to see these young people translate their passion into actions and act on their ideas for the benefit of the community. With the Young Changemakers Grant (YCMG), you can champion your causes and make a difference. 

This grant scheme supports youth-initiated projects that benefit the Pakistan community and society. It also helps to empower youths as decision-makers to evaluate projects and mentor project applicants. YCMG aims to provide seed funding for youths to implement projects for the community. This new initiative will provide funding to informal youth groups and individuals between the ages of 18-30 years who are keen to implement one-off community projects.


With the Young Changemakers Grant (YCMG), you can champion your causes and make a difference. This grant scheme supports youth-initiated projects that benefit the Pakistan community and society. It also helps to empower youths as decision-makers to evaluate projects and mentor project applicants. YCMG aims to provide seed funding for youths to implement projects for the community.

Young people have many ideas and boundless energy, but sometimes face difficulty raising money to implement these plans. The Young ChangeMakers grant can help. If you know of an issue or a gap in the community that you are concerned about, get together with a few of your friends, or on your own, share with us your ideas and apply for the funds. Together, we can improve the community that we live in. 

YCMG embarks on a journey to discover the new frontiers of enabling social impact through enterprise and innovation. Institutional and systemic issues such as climate change, depleting natural resources, unemployability, healthcare, and education require new-age solutions which adapt to the complexities of the current age. Our vision is to not only discover but also provide a platform for such ideas and 21st-century changemakers to transform their ideas into a scalable reality.


YCMG is seeking and rewarding the most creative projects. Submit your project in one of the following four categories reflecting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). All projects improving society and addressing the basic idea of a category are welcome to participate!

Note: If you are not sure in which category to submit your project, send us an e-mail at youthforpakistan.org@gmail.com – we will happily guide you!

Raise Awareness For The Health And Well-Being Of People At All Stages Of Life.
Overcome Economic, Social & Demographic Barriers Hindering Access To Medical Treatment And Health Information.
Find New Possibilities In Healthcare And Medical Treatments.
Reduce Maternal Mortality Ration & Preventable Deaths Of Newborn & Children.
Provide Relevant Data, Diagnosing And Communication Tools Supporting Medical Professionals And Patients.
Promote Usage Of Icts For Sports, Physical Exercise And An Active Lifestyle To Prevent Future Health Problems.
Develop Patient-Centered Approaches Aimed At Overall Well-Being.
Pursue Digital Health Technologies.
Promote A Balanced Diet, Achieve Food Security And Improved Nutrition.
Pursue Novel Food Technology Solutions For Reducing Food Waste.
SDG 2 And 3

Find New Creative Approaches To Education & Learning.
Help To Boost The Learner’S Motivation By Making Learning Fun And Joyful.
Promote Lifelong Learning Opportunities And Support Related Networks.
Ensure Inclusive And Equitable Quality Education.
Enable The Earliest Possible Assessment And Identification Of Learning And Social Problems, Cultural Or Other Barriers Hindering Education.
Reduce The Rates Of Early School Leaving, But Also Make Second Chance Education Opportunities Available.
Create And Support Inclusive And Effective Learning Environments.
Help Strengthen Joyful Teaching Methods, And Support Teaching Resources And Knowledge.
Have A Special Focus On Offline Learning Applications For Regions With Poor Internet Connection.

Raise People’S Awareness Of Energy Consumption, And Foster A Responsible And Sustainable Attitude.
Help To Increase Energy Efficiency And The Production Of Energy From Renewable.
Foster Smart Mobility And Enhance Safe Traffic And Travel.
Make Cities And Human Settlement Smart, Resilient & Sustainable.
Ensure Access To Affordable, Reliable, Sustainable And Modern Energy For All.
Combat Climate Change And Its Impacts, And Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions.
Promote Sustainable Use Of Terrestrial Ecosystems.
Conserve Biodiversity And Provide Information About It.
Protect, Restore And Promote Sustainable Use Of Terrestrial Ecosystems.
Enhance The Life Of Animals.
Support Sustainable Food Production And Agriculture.
Make Our Planet Green And Clean.
SDG 7, 9, 11, 13 And 15

Raise Awareness For Societal Problems And Find Solutions For Social Exclusion, Injustice And Inequality. 
Promote A Bottom-Up Approach In Political Decision-Making. 
Create Awareness For Human Rights And Provide Access To Justice For All. 
Enable Low Threshold Access To Information On Social Rights, And Civil And Social Participation. 
Promote Meaningful Participation In The Planning And Management Of Living Environments. 
Ensure That People Are Able To Exercise Their Role As Active Citizens Without Discrimination.
SDG 16



Who can Apply:- Young ChangeMakers Grant is open to university students who are members of Youth for Pakistan the majority of the team is under the age of 30 living in Pakistan.

Application and Submission of Projects:- Registration, including submitting project information, must be completed after receiving the application package from YCMG. Projects can also be nominated by a YCMG Ambassador or former YCMG Winners. Submitting a product to the evaluation and selection process does by no means entitle a producer to any benefits. There is no way of challenging this decision legally. Only submitted and fully filled in applications will be considered by the YCMG Jury.

Which Projects are Suitable:- Young ChangeMakers encourages young people to initiate projects that benefit the local community and society at large. Projects can range from action programs for the community to public awareness programs to educate and inform the public on certain issues of concern. Submissions that have been submitted in the YCMG in previous years cannot be submitted again. For a project which has been already submitted before, the submitter has to document significant alterations and/or improvements and/or additions.

Winner Selection:- The winners will be selected from among the submissions in each category through the jury process as published on the website. No legal recourse is possible against the jury's decision. 


The YCMG will provide seed grants of up to 80% of the project cost of Rs. 300,000/, whichever is lower. This fund can then be used to implement a short-term community project, lasting not longer than three months. Youth volunteers who have had extensive experience from implementing their own community projects will provide guidance to another project team. The YCMG youth panelists will act as mentors to guide the youths from project conceptualization to implementation. Once the proposal has been approved, a mentor will be attached to the individual/ informal youth groups to see the project through. Get honored and applauded on a national stage!

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Note: Young Changemakers Grant is open throughout the year. After submission for this registration form, we will send you a detailed application form at your prescribed email address.

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