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Harvard University Declares Sujood Posture as Best Medicine

Harvard University Declares Sujood Posture as Best Medicine: The Sujood Posture is the ideal style one may adopt to combat back discomfort without undergoing surgery or other medical intervention, according to a post by Harvard University on its official website. The majority of the body’s muscles and joints are worked out during Namaz, according to a study that was published in the International Journal of Science, Culture, and Sport. In addition to the leg muscles, the back and perineum muscles are repeatedly worked during the most notable movement of prostration.

Sujood Posture to be the Best Medicine for Back Pain

The study also shows that the neck muscles, in particular, are strengthened to the extent that it is uncommon to find a frequent Namaz performer who prostrates at least 40 times each day to have cervical spondylosis or myalgias.

The only position in which the head is lower than the heart and so receives more blood is prostration. The increase in blood flow has a beneficial impact on the mind, mood, and other cognitive functions.

Earlier in 2020, Harvard University cited the heavenly words of the Quran, which Muslims consider to be the final revelation. The citation can be seen by faculty members at the library’s entrance.

The Holy Book was the last and final book that Allah (SWT) chose to create. It unquestionably originated from the Universe’s Creator and directs us to take the proper course.

Islam places a high value on justice and the rule of law, and the Holy Quran is full of the laws that should be followed by all people. Islam does not permit injustice in any form.

An ayah from Surah Nisa is on display near the entrance to the faculty library of Harvard Law School, one of the most renowned law schools in the world. It claims that the Quran is one of human history’s greatest testaments to justice. The largest academic library in the world is located at Harvard Law School.

Ayah 135 from Chapter or Surah Nisa (woman) commands others to act morally and legally. On the wall facing the faculty’s main entrance, there are three memorable quotes posted. Magna Carta and St. Augustine are responsible for the other two.

The Harvard Law School faculty and students came up with the quotes, and this particular Qur’anic passage was picked from more than 100 submissions.


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