Poster Competition

Showcase Your Creative Skills
Pen down your thoughts, brush your imagination and give a theme to the white paper. Create your own design and the white turns into your hues of thoughts.

THEME: Green Pakistan

 It is an individual competition. Drawing / painting must be on 22”/24” size Chart Paper. Participants should bring their own stationery including Chart paper, pencil, crayon, water color, oil paint etc. Photographs, wires, and other 3D objects are not acceptable. The completed artwork must be on a flat piece of paper. The theme “Green Pakistan” should be the main focus of the poster. Name and age of participant as well as institute name and address must be clearly mentioned on the back of poster. No text like name, institution name etc. should be written on the front of the poster. Any colours can be used. Printed poster will not be accepted. 

1st Prize: Rs. 10,000 + Certificate
2nd Prize: Rs. 5,000 + Certificate
3rd Prize: Rs. 2,500 + Certificate

Each participant will get 2 hours to complete their poster. Judgment criterion shall be on creativity, design, clarity, content and elements present. Decision of the judges will be final and binding.

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