Starting The Chapter

You can start a Youth for Pakistan Campus Chapter on your campus with 13 members. However, different initiatives need more members for practical execution like Career Planning Seminar and Workshop need more than 150 members on campus so that it may properly be implemented. More members provide greater opportunities for more initiatives, discussion, feedback, and fun!

Campus Chapter structure consists of an Executive Body and two committees, namely Campus Administration Committee and Campus Membership Committee.

Campus Chapter Board


Your campus representative is essentially the President of your Campus Chapter. This person will head the core committees of the chapter. Campus President with four others like Vice President, Coordinator, General Secretary, and Treasurer are all called Campus Board. Besides Campus Board following are all committees in Campus:

Your campus representative is essentially the President of your Campus Chapter. This person will head the core committees of the chapter. Campus Board has following members:

  1. Campus President – The Campus president is the chief executive officer of the Campus. He/she presides over meetings and calls the Campus to action to fulfill its program of service works; coordinating the efforts of board members and chairpersons to implement all activities of the Campus.
  2. Campus Vice President – The Campus second vice president also stands ready to be in succession and serves as requested by the Campus President to lead specific committees or projects.
  3. Campus General Secretary - The Campus General Secretary keeps the history of the Campus’s official proceedings, an accurate accounting of the Campus membership roster, and assists in every communication effort to members.
  4. Campus Treasurer – The Campus treasurer serves as the main book keeper for both Campus administrative and public funds from service activities. Keep the record of budget from YFP and spend on activities organized at his/her campus.
  5. Coordinator – The Campus coordinator basically coordinate campus board and all two committees for better campus administration. All above members are called Campus Board. Beside Campus Board following are all committees in Campus:
Campus Administration Committee


This Committee consists of 4 members namely Chair, Vice-Chair, and 2 other members. This committee is responsible to run the affairs of campus smoothly and in accordance with prescribed rules, regulations, and standards of the campus chapter drawn by YFP.  CAC includes:

  1. Chair CAC
  2. Vice-Chair CAC
  3. CAC Member
  4. CAC Member

Duties & Responsibilities of CAC

  • Plan and attend your Campus Chapter’s meetings required by Youth For Pakistan and other activities, responsible for communication and organizing annual meetings among campus members.
  • Set Campus Chapter goals to help achieve the campus’s goals for the year and monitor progress toward them,  report campus activities and progress to the campus president, Campus Board, and Youth For Pakistan, and determine what else your Campus Chapter needs from Youth for Pakistan for different activities.
Campus Membership Committee


The better your campus looks to your students, the more members you’ll attract. The committee’s most active work is calling all new student members to welcome them to the Youth for Pakistan Campus Chapter. This committee consists 4 members namely;

  1. Chair CMC
  2. Vice-Chair CMC
  3. CMC Member
  4. CMC Member

Duties & Responsibilities of CMC

  • Develop committee goals to achieve Campus Chapter membership (input from the campus president and General Secretary.) for the coming year and also conduct Campus Chapter assessments to determine strengths and weaknesses.
  • Work with the Campus Administration committee to create a positive Campus Chapter image that is attractive to prospective and current members alike.

Campus Chapter Resources