Ideas for Campus Chapter Activities

The kinds of activities a Campus Chapter can undertake are endless, depending on the creativity and interest of each group. But here are a few examples of academic, social, and professional activities that may be of interest to your group;

  • Distinguished Speakers Program/ Lectures – Invite a speaker from another university or outside or nearby research institutes to speak to students. Use YFP’s Distinguished Speakers or Mentorship Program: Young Pakistan Challenge
  • You can invite other university Campus Chapter members to spend the day with them or other professionals, attending classes, discussing ideas, or eating meals together. (vacation days work well.)
  • Organize creative and innovative programs or activities on your campus and requesting all your university students to actively participate, and recognizing outstanding students, and forward their profiles to YFP for the Student Hall of Fame
  • Advisory Board – Campus Board can choose one student from each department to make an advisory board from their university to discuss issues such as department activities, future events, etc.
  • Newsletter – Form a group of students who are responsible for writing a monthly newsletter. Topics for the newsletter may include articles from the alumni or faculty, senior profiles, advice from students, lists of upcoming events, etc. The newsletter can be an e‐form or forward articles to YFP,  where they will be published on the website. 
  • Make a Website – Make a website for your Campus Chapter, if possible. (YFP Team may assist you) Include upcoming activities, pictures and descriptions of recent events, and biographies of successful people in a wide variety of interesting different careers.
  • Celebration of Teachers Day (Oct 5) – Dramatic activities that put up the scenarios in classrooms or campus can be an interesting way of entertaining teachers. It can be a wonderful way to interact with teachers. Invite all teachers to a reception in their honor. 
  • Visit Universities – Plan a field trip to a nearby university, research institution’s campus to visit research project laboratories and/or hear graduate students talk about their research and their lives as graduate students. 
  • Meet the Grads Night – Invite recent graduates to talk to current students. The graduates should be a mix of people and people who started their careers right after graduation.
  • Bulletin Boards – Gather a group of students to make announcement boards to be placed in public areas, advertising classes in the department, career possibilities, research posters, pictures of local award winners and people in the news, tutoring opportunities, grants scholarships, other chapter meetings, etc. Popular places to post would be restrooms, inside classrooms, and in dorms. 
  • Buddy System – At the beginning of each semester, arrange a fresher party or hold a meeting where people can gather and meet the other people in their classes. 
  • Communication Workshop – Find an expert in communication who is willing to volunteer time. (YFP can provide mentors if requested). Frame the workshop as a general audience event.
  • Other ideas include Book Club, Oral Histories, Science Fair, Brain Games, Programming Contests, First‐year Orientation, Resume Building, Community Service, WorkshopsJob Hunts ideas, Mock Interviews, Panel Discussions and Roundtables, Model United Nations, Build a Database of Interview Questions, Database of Research Opportunities, Database of Scholarships and Grants, Database of Internships, Philanthropies and Community Service Days, Achievement Parties, Movie Night, T‐shirt design contest, Fundraising event, Dinner with other campus chapters and faculty staff, Blogs, Wikis. 

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