Career Planning Seminar

Youth for Pakistan Career Planning Seminar (YFP-CPS) is designed to address career planning needs, practices, and utilities for the students and their parents. We take pride in presenting a wide range of subjects which are thoroughly addressed by a highly learned and experienced team in the seminars. You may select any one or more topics for the seminar according to the requirements of your institution.

It is a major need of students and parents to get thorough guidance on issues like the selection of a career, available career options, introduction, requirements, nature of the work and work environment of different careers, self-awareness, personality development, selection of a university, admission strategy, changing market trends, best careers, getting into your dream job, entrepreneurship, and hundreds of related issues. Youth for Pakistan, after realizing this, introduced a complete guidance package for the students, parents, and teachers in the form of a Career Planning Seminar.

Unlike one-off exercises with the same title and claim, YFP-CPS is a complete-within-itself activity for the schools, colleges, and universities that are concerned about the guidance of their students. It opens up the students to their inner self, makes them aware of hundreds of career options available, helps them to choose the right career, boosts their confidence, and ultimately leads them to the road to a successful career.

University Level

Due to lack of proper guidance and career planning, university students face multidimensional problems when confronted with myriad options, be it in specialization selection, choosing a specific job sector, careers or occupations.

Youth for Pakistan, being the country’s only student advisory organization has the honor to introduce a complete package for university students to help them not just to start off a career, but at various junctures during the course of their career. A career planning seminar will help them understand the career perspectives and to let them know about the wonderful opportunities they have.

Seminar Topics

Youth for Pakistan takes pride in presenting a wide range of subjects that are thoroughly addressed by highly learned and experienced professionals in the seminars. You may select any one or more topics for the seminar according to the requirements of your institution.

Topics for Seminar are: 
Section 1: Career Planning, Education in Pakistan, University Entrance Test, How to Ensure Admission in a Medical University, How to Ensure Admission in an Engineering University, Career Options for Pre-medical Students, Career Options for Pre-engineering Students, Career options for Students of Social Sciences, Career Options in Commerce and Finance, Careers in Armed Forces.
Section 2: Enhance your abilities, Character Building, Leadership, Personality Grooming, Make the best use of your abilities, CSS.
Section 3: How to find a job of your interest, What to consider while looking for a job, Effective Interview, Effective Time Management, What does Career Mean, Best Career, How to explore Inner Self, Selection of Right Field, Goal Setting, Guidance for Matric students for choosing FA/FSc groups, High Paying Careers, Self Employment Chances, Traditional Career i.e. Armed Forces, CSS, Entry Test and Preparation, Admission Process – How to secure admission.

Organize Seminar in Your University

Each campus with minimum of 150 members will be eligible for one full day seminar on the date fixed by the campus management team.


1.4K +

Students Guided