CAP First Step...

Now that you have signed-up for the Campus Ambassadors program, thinking what to do next? We have designed some fun and easy to do activities for individual Campus Ambassadors which will get you started in the program. It's also a great opportunity to make friends from around the country, gain experience working with one of the Pakistan's largest Youth Network. Get started now!

  1. Update Your Facebook Profile: Youth For Pakistan request all Ambassadors to update their Work and Education Section on Facebook, click the “About” button on your Facebook profile and under "Work and Education" tab, Type "Youth For Pakistan" in company name,  and in "Position" field insert Ambassador.
  2. Ambassador Group: Youth For Pakistan has created a Ambassador Group on Facebook, all Ambassadors are requested to join this group for connect, collaborate and sharing between Ambassadors in all universities around the country. 
  3. Apply Hashtag: Always use the official hashtags like #YFPCampusAmbassador, #YouthForPakistan, #YFP, make sure all your posts can be tracked  and measured by using a unique hashtag. This is especially important on Instagram
  4. Youth Club: Ambassadors have to join Pakistan Youth Club, which serve as platform for the people belonging to each class like leaders, professionals, students, doctors and policy makers.

Welcome to CAP