Campus Ambassadors/Program Structure

The Campus Ambassador Program is ran by people from around the country including passionate community members, students, and people just like you. Following is the structure and description of CAP.

CAP Executive BoardYouth For PAkistan Campus Ambassadors program is governed by an Executive Board that consists of dedicated contributors to the program. Think of them as the National Team, in charge of running the whole CAP operation!
YFP ClubsYFP Clubs are a core grouping of Student Ambassadors at your university or college. These Clubs work together on larger projects, campaigns, and events to promote YFP and our mission. They are your friends and fellow comrades in the mission of doing good and promoting an open web. 
Campus AmbassadorsYouth For PAkistan Campus Ambassadors are a group of creative, innovative, and passionate individuals who are passionate to work for youth leadership. They are leaders at their colleges/universities and educators of their community. Sounds like you? Join us!

Welcome to CAP