Frequently Asked Questions


General Members are members of the Campus Chapter who are studying in any HEC recognized University in Pakistan. These members are the backbone of the Campus Chapter. The campus ambassador on other hand is a student volunteer who is responsible for publicizing and promoting Youth For Pakistan in their University/Campus. The Ambassador will be representative of Youth For Pakistan in his/her college. It is a unique opportunity for students to enhance their skills and build their careers at a national level.

  • Any motivated & proactive student across any department in any year across any University passionate about Leadership Development, learning, creativity, innovation, and information-sharing with strong Interpersonal, Marketing & Communication Skills. 
  • A candidate who is able to plan and execute events, manage a budget, and is actively involved in student life on campus – Extra-curricular.   

While there is no upper limit on the engagement duration for the Campus Ambassador, there are stringent performance metrics the Campus Ambassador is expected to accomplish on a monthly basis. On average, we suggest you might have to put 4-8 hours per week depending on your schedule.

The Campus Ambassador program runs throughout the year to accommodate different academic calendars. Please apply a month before your planned starting date.

Yes, a campus ambassador can be terminated from the program under the following two scenarios :·

  • They do not meet our minimum bar in terms of performance will be relieved from their responsibilities at the end of the first month.
  • They are found indulging in any immoral, unethical activities or any other activities we at our sole discretion determine to be inimical to us engaging in badmouthing the organization trying to game the point system. 

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