Campus Ambassadors Activites

Now that you have signed up for the Campus Ambassadors program, thinking about what to do next? We have designed some fun and easy-to-do activities for individual Campus Ambassadors which will get you started in the program. It's also a great opportunity to make friends from around the country, gain experience working with one of Pakistan's largest Youth networks. Get started now!

  1. Promote Campaign: Working together with the Marketing Team, we'll be launching a series of campaigns around the country. Share these campaigns into your circle. If you want to launch your own campaign to be promoted nationwide click here
  2. Sharing Posts: The YFP Ambassador has to share Youth For Pakistan posts and contents on your social media accounts. Once YFP has content (which are important in nature) then YFP looks forward to ambassadors to share, YFP sends text and email notifications to ambassadors, inviting them to share YFP post.
    1. Get Social: Time to decorate your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, or your favorite form of social media with Youth For Pakistan and show your friends who you represent! In our CAP Social Media Graphics Folder, you will find CAP images you can use to post online. Change your cover photos or make a post declaring you're part of the Youth For Pakistan Campus Ambassadors program
    2. On-Campus Promotions: Run a social media/advertising campaign to build knowledge at your campus about Youth For Pakistan and its services for youth/students. 
    3. Share Your Love: We are not only proud to be Youth For Pakistan Campus Ambassadors, but we are also proud Youth of Pakistan. Copy the posts below on your topic of choice and share them on social media. Feel free to get creative and switch up the wording, add images, or hashtags.
      CAP I joined #YFP Campus Ambassadors to promote the activities of the Youth For Pakistan! #YFPCampusAmbassadors
      Youth For Pakistan The #YouthForPAkistan is committed to empower and develop the communication and leadership skills of youth in Pakistan. Check it out here: shorturl. at/fyIP5.
  3. Networking: You For Pakistan want ambassadors to network and maintain connections with most students on the campus. Got to meet and get connected with new people and friends and aware of YFP and its mission.
  4. Article/Blog Writing: Youth For Pakistan facilitate Ambassadors to write their view on different topics of their choice and get published their opinions, stories, and voices on Pakistan Young Diplomats site and ultimately share them on your Facebook profile page. Submit your article here
  5. Bi-Monthly Report: Submit bi-monthly Reports and complete the tasks on time as per instructions through emails. Providing feedback and sharing new ideas from the university’s students with the Youth For Pakistan.

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